Monday, August 24, 2009

Whats & Whys - 4

: Bhagwan Shree Swaminarayan was known by many names. What is the real meaning of His name ‘Sahajanand Swami’ ?

A. : ‘Sahaj’ means inborn, natural, innate or natural state of disposition (Sanskrit dictionary : Vaman Shivram Apte) and ‘Anand’ i.e. A-means to the last, ‘nand’ means bliss. So Sahajanand means ‘Whose bliss is everlasting or eternal’. As God Himself He needed no spiritual practices or artificial means to get such delight. So Sahajanand means: One whose bliss was inborn. Again, Sahaj means born with Him i.e. the saints. The saints were contemporaneous. He Who bestows bliss spontaneously is called Sahajanand. His bliss being His natural state of disposition. He needed no mundane object to give Him bliss. This points to His inborn superconscious state.

Q. :
What is the meaning of Swami?

A. : Swami means the Lord (proprietor) of the whole creation, the Supreme Sovereign of the whole creation, a spiritual preceptor, a religious man of the highest order. It is most appropriately applied here to Shree Hari. When applied to an ordinary saint (as an adjective, not noun) then it shows his aspiration towards the divine. The word Swami does not mean a particular saint as misunderstood and misinterpreted by so called scholars.

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  1. Is there any specific difference between words "Muni" and "Sadhu" ?

  2. I called scholars....I have heard so called scholars comparing LORD Sahajanand Swami to swami Vivekanand as social worker !!! Bizarre and ridiculous I would say !!!!

  3. I like the answer for the meaning of 'SWAMI'.. So called Scholars misinterprete that word...

    Sorry to comment on the First Question... I dont know why The person is trying to hide the Identity?? It's an open debate, not need to hide yourself... Respect your Questions and respect yourself, you will be blissful..

  4. An answer to comment on August 29, 2009

    In our Holy Fellowship Sadhu is one who is on the path of Sadhana, leading straight to a goal of Final Beatitude without making any error. He is very pure and gentle at heart and kind in behavior. The Sadhu is one who is on the path of achieving the state of Brahmanhood.

    The Muni is much higher than the Sadhu. After realizing the Glory of God and realizing the self, the seeker is moved by inward wisdom towards silence where only nothing is happening. In this nothingness there is constant experience of everlasting Bliss derived from Bhagawan Swaminarayan. When there is cessation of all projections of the astral faculties i.e. mind, intellect, consciousness and self-consciousness; the self is merged in to Brahmanhood. Such Muni feels the presence of Bhagawan Swaminarayan where ever he casts a glance.