Monday, August 17, 2009

Hari Haiya na Haar

Hari haiya na haar chho jire tame,
Sej tana Shanagaar chho jire tame.

You are the garland of my heart,
And the beauty of my bed.

Mukhthi shu ghanu kahiye Mohan re,
Pran tana Adhar chho jire tame.

What more to say in words, O Lord,
You are the sanctum of my soul.

Vahalpanama atishe vahala re,
Natavar Nandkumar chho jire tame.

Dear than all love, O Lord,
Best at dance and prince of bliss.

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Durijaniyane door Ghana chho re,
Premi te jana nap ran chho jire tame.

Far from the wicked, far away,
But life of those who love.

Muktanand kahe naranatak dhari re,
Sharanaagatna saar chho jire tame.

The hero on the earthly stage,
Help of the helpless : says Muktanand.

Garland has the great significance among the ornaments. The garland is worn round the neck but kept on the heart. The Sanskrit word for a garland is HAR which means to remove or to defeat. One is garlanded on the neck to express the wish that the neck may bring out sweet speech. The garland is worn on the heart to express the wish that the devotion in the heart may be strengthened and that the wearer may defeat all evil tendencies and remove all the undesirable inclinations. Again, Bhagwan Shree Swaminarayan is called Hari which means one Who takes away all sins. So, Shree Hari is called the HAR of the heart.

He is called the beauty of the bed. A golden cot studded with jewels, having a soft bed with silken and embroidered bed sheet and costly pillows would be like a stone slab to a woman if her husband is not there.

The goodness of God is beyond all words of appreciation. He is the life of all lives, the motive power of the spirit, the consciousness.

We are loved by many in our life but except God none loves us from birth to death with the same exuberance.

God has human form (He created man after his own image) but He reveals His Godhood despite looking like an average human being. Only the best actor can do that. He is the Prince Divine, the Prince Divine of joy.

God is all goodness which is a contrast of wickedness. So, the wicked, being wicked, God keeps Himself away from them. But God always approaches those blessed ones who love Him. He is the heart and soul of the devotees.

Sadguru Muktanand Swami says that God upon the earth acted like a hero on the stage of the world but unlike on the ordinary stage, He appeared on the stage of the world in the same form and figure as He is in His Akshardham, His eternal abode.

People give shelter for some selfish motive or for securing Punya but God gives shelter to all, out of selfless love. What else can a true devotee of God do but to glorify God with the garland of words expressing his warm sentiment of love for Him!

Designed by : Jnan Baug, Vadtal.

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  1. "We are loved by many in our life but except God none loves us from birth to death with the same exuberance."

    We have parents, spouses, siblings, children, relatives, friends, etc. during our life here on Earth. How many of us can say that (1)the best friend you had who loved you did something bad and you are no longer friends or (2) you have children and they grow up disrespecting you after you brought them into this world and raised them or (3) you married your high school sweetheart or your soulmate, but starts to treat you lousy over the years or you are divorced, or (4) you have parents and siblings who you thought would be there for you no matter life brings you, but when really all you are is an object to them and if what you do does not benefit them they will just leave you on the side of the road? I can think that at least all of us have had one person who we thought loved us so much, but in the end left us.

    God loves you! He is the only one who will have your back.