Thursday, March 25, 2010

Shikshapatri - The Gospel

All those persons who observe these rules of good conduct as prescribed by the authorized scriptures always attain utmost happiness in this world as well as in the other......(8)

And those wicked persons who violate these rules and behave capriciously, suffer great distress in this world as well as in the other......(9)

Q. How can authorized scriptures create the code of good behavior ?

A. The authorized scriptures present the code of good conduct which has been followed by numerous persons over thousands of years in different parts of the world and their good results are properly observed, evaluated and recommended by sages through authorized scriptures.

Q. What is exactly meant by Sadachara (good conduct) ?

A. The word Sadachar etymologically means – all our behavior that would please God. Sat-sad means God. Achar means conduct. Right, good conduct is that which gives maximum true happiness in this life and blissful eternal life in Akshardham.

Q. What are the types of right conduct ?

A. The types of right conduct are described in authorized scriptures such as Shreemad Bhagwat thus:

RESTRICTIONS: Non-violence, truth, honesty, dissociation from shameful conduct, avoiding undue acquisitions, belief in God, celibacy, silence, steadiness, forgiveness, fearlessness.

OBSERVANCES: Cleanliness, Mantra-recitation, austerity, sacrifice, faith, hospitality, worshipping God, pilgrimage, desire for redemption, contentment, serving the spiritual teacher and following Pancha Vrataman.

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